Crawdad possibly?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Dogfish, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Dogfish

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    I have a fake plastic crawdad. Not one of those cheap gummy looking things. Mine is very detailed and was pretty exspensive. It is about the size of a your index finger. Could this very realistic lure be used to possibly catch some big channel cats? If so how should i set the sucker up?
  2. laidbck111

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    hard bait are plastic? Texas rigged for plastic and worked real slow around structure, hard bait like any other. Good luck while it may work I can't see it being as productive as the real thing are as good as any natural bait.

  3. Dogfish

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    Its a soft plastic
  4. catman849

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    Channel cats do strike baits like bass sometimes, ive even had them strike stinkbait just sitting in the water, thats why bass fisherman sometimes catch larger channel cats with crankbaits, if you have any fish that are fairly big this bait may work but you might want to add some kind of scent to it I no that nitro gravy makes a catfish scent you may try soaking the lure in this before using it but if any type of natural bait is avaibale to you i would suggest using that as opposed to the lure but in a pinch it might be interesting to try it. I would probably suggest the cats hit it as a strike instinct or during the day because they can see it but i wouldnt suggest fishing with it at night. Be sure to fish it around structures and banks, around islands etc. where crawdads frequently make holes. The place I fish has a small island covered with crawdad holes and during the day I've pulled some very NICE catfish from this area that have been feeding on the crawfish.
  5. IfishFORcatfish

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    hey dogfish,
    the crawfish you are talking about seems to be real nice
    now what you wana do it soak it some kind of scent
    if you make a cume just dip it in that and it will work fine might catch so cats 5+lbs and a few bass

    here is what i need to know :
    1. where are you fishing ( lake , pond , ext. )
    2. are there any fallen trees or anything around?

    ps .
    i also made this really good dough bait with raspberry jello
    if your intrested i will send you the recipe
    but im also going to post the recipe on " homemade baits "
    but first im going to see how it does tomorrow

    - IfishFORcatfish
    nice pic by the way
  6. Dogfish

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    well i used the fake crawdad today and caught a 3 pound bass instead of a cat. ugh!!!
  7. catman529

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    You might just catch bass but I dont know... I used to use only fresh caught crawdads to catch channels before I switched to cut bait.
  8. colten

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    You would have better luck using live bait than the artificial.
  9. mch4fishing

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    East Texas
    What lake or body of water are you fishing on? I lived in Calif for over 40 years and there are to many factors to take in to answer the ? If you are in the north with some sent you might be allright but if you are in central or southern cal fishing the auqa duct I dont think youf fakelure is going to cut it
  10. mch4fishing

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    East Texas
    Buy the way Welcome to the BOC