Crappy Trip: Began/Ended with a Dislocating SPLASH!

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    Well, everybody says I never have a fishing report. Still don't really :big_smile:.

    Went out on Lake Hickory last night for a crappie excursion with my buddy Bill. We tooled up the lake from the Wittenburg access area where we put in, to the bridge at Rink Dam Marina. There are usually some crappie to be caught under that bridge.

    After checking things out with the fishfinder underneath the bridge, we parked the pontoon on the outside of the last finger of a group of four boat slips there at the marina. Bill got out with an anchor rope and piece of wood, walked up and out onto the bridge, and dropped it down a drain pipe -to give us something to tie up to. I'm sitting on the boat watching some BIG fish swim by in pretty shallow water on the fishfinder.

    I see Bill coming back down the hill, then the walkway connecting the boat slips to the bank. Wasn't paying a whole lot of attention and looked back at the fishfinder when SPLASH!!!!!

    "Man, he walked off into that hole." I thought, kinda laughing to myself. The boat slips aren't squared off like some, they are triangular at the front in order to accomodate V-hulls. There was another pontoon in the first slip, and he took a dunk in that l'il triangle of water left at the front. (Nope, hadn't had anything to drink but iced tea.)

    I didn't make a move at first, but he didn't come up so quick :eek:oooh:. So I walked over there.....his head was out of the water, but he was saying "Oh God, oh God", kinda floating there.

    "What have you done?" I say.

    "Think I dislocated my shoulder" says he. I guess he threw his arm out/up to try and catch himself, caught it on something.

    Then it was on to me getting the spotlight, finding his special flipflops he WASN'T leaving, him swimming under that last finger with one dislocated arm (easier than trying to climb out at that point), and walking up the boat ramp, back down to the pontoon, etc.

    I have to have my glasses to drive (and fish most of the time for that matter) but I'd forgotten them. Also, I have very little experience operating a boat of any kind. I learned pretty quickly though. Amazing what you have to do in any given situation. I got us back to the landing where we'd put in without too much trouble (and him keeping an extra eye out since I couldn't half see :smile2:). Then we called his son who lives close by. He came and dealt with the Dodge Ram quad-cab/trailer/and getting the boat ON the trailer. I've decided THAT'S gonna be my next lesson.

    And of course, to end the evening a trip to the emergency room was in order, and yep......dislocated arm at the shoulder. Could've been worse, I'm thankful he didn't hit his head. So today I've been taking care of the one-winged fungus (now y'all know I wouldn't call him that, he's the one who said it :wink:. Some story 'bout a man he knew during childhood.....)

    So all in all, a pretty crappy crappie trip.....and no fish to report. In fact, even all the minnows died :roll_eyes:.

    Oh well, maybe next time!
  2. Wabash River Bear

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    Sorry to hear about your partners accident Tanya. Luckily it wasnt worse than it was. Hopefully he will be ok and back to fishin soon. Be carefull and take care, WRB.

  3. Dreadnaught

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    Poor Bill, how hard was it to keep from laughing at first? I know it must have been tough on ya tanya!!! Well at least till you found out he was hurt!!
    Tell Bill, JW said he needs to take care of that arm so he can take you fish'n again!!!
    Glad it wasn't any worse than it was.
  4. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Thank God he didn't get injured more seriously. Too bad about the trip. Perhaps he is just acting so that you will take good care of him!
  5. BailBonds

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    "Attitude" The difference between Ordeal & Adventure!
  6. CountryHart

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    I like the way ya think.

    Sorry to hear about Bill's arm and the fact ya didn't get to fish. But on the bright side ya learned how to run the boat and thats important. I've taught all my tribe to run the boat and back the trailor. It's fun and you never know when an emergency will rear it's ugly head. Nurse Bill back to health and ya'll get back out there.
  7. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    I was all excited to read a Catgirl fishing report! :wink: Bummer that no fishing took place :roll_eyes:! Hope Bill's shoulder recovers quickly. I want to see some pics of Tanya holding up some fish! :big_smile: