Crappie / walleye

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    Farmington, MO.
    The crappie and walleye should be good. But no! no body bother's for telling how good their do'in. Don't want to say ; it's too cold or rainy and I'm getting to old to get any.
    "But I got plenty of stories of the state record's I used to catch!"
    Heck! I just went to jackies landing on the ST. Francis at greenville and caught me 4- 10" plus crappie.And they tasted great. I'm still trying for the walleye they stocked 5 yr's ago. Still -an- all, the crappie are doing good for me. Just a couple more slabe's for a couple more time's fishing and I'll be set till the end of Febuary when I go to kentucky and get me some skipjack for the blue's on the Mississippi. And I'll be good for another summer. Well into fall.
    How you doing anyway? How you doing on the late fall ; early spring fishng.
    Tell me what are ya'll getting and how. And with what?
    Guy's and Gals you have got to be doing something beside's waitting for the holiday's to be done ? Let me know!