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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by koking20, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. koking20

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    north carolina
    Hey guys just I'm just lookin to get any and all kinds of tips and tactics for white crappie from great crappie fisherman to amatuer crappie fisherman from minnows to jigs from habitat to habits anything you all know that you would like to pass on please share
  2. jason berry

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    I went out Thursday night on a reservoir and this is how I normally crappie fish because it covers all seasons except the spawn. I fish 30 foot or less of water that has deep structure and I like the structure to be pretty big. This is what I fished the other night 30 foot water fished 15 foot now with slp bobbers and minnows using a crappie light worked great caught a mess.

  3. beespringer

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    sunfish, k
    I fished a small river last week and fished the tailwater below a old lock.I fished a current break in 2-5ft water and caught 2 messes in two evenings.
    I was using a slipfloat some and when that got cold I would change over to casting out and bouncing a minnow of the bottom using a couple splitshots as weight.I also caught a few sauger as well as drum,bass,and a small channell.:wink:
  4. plainsman

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    When I was a kid we fished em off a dredge float in a gravel pit using minnows. Lately I have fished em in the weeds in up to 5-6 feet water with a minnow. Its good to fish at their depth, or a little less, they will come up for bait before going down. They will hit a crappie minnow, piece of worm, or artificial worm too. I usually catch em with a minnow under a slip bobber. I surprised my self and caught one on a dare devel trolling for northern pike last spring.
  5. luvndabeers

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    i troll on the outside of weedlines, 8-12 FOW with 1/16 oz jigs(white jig head, red and white grub), trolling motor as slow as it will go any weather, hot or cold seems to work everytime. i also get some nice gills and perch doing this.
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    cartersville, georgia
    is there any docks around you? go to youtube and look up flipping docks. my uncle goes out, flips some docks, and has come in with two 5 gallon buckets full.