Crappie season soon

Discussion in 'KANSAS LAKES / RESERVOIRS TALK' started by 600lbs, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. 600lbs

    600lbs New Member

    gardner kansas
    its almost time boys melvern and hilsdale here i come there has been alot of action at hilsdale for crappie my asain buddys a ripping them up on jigs
  2. drakewoodie

    drakewoodie Member

    Milford, Kansas
    i dont know nothing about the crappie but i know the whites and wipers where hitting really good tonight at Milford Lake.

  3. Rajun_Cajun

    Rajun_Cajun New Member

    Olathe, Kansas
    if i were you 600 i would head on down to truman. its in mossouiri if you wouldnt mind driving to sedalia lol. but the fishing there is great because my dad has gone up there last week and the week before that WITHOUT ME..... lol but there is a place were you can buy these soft jigs. the place makes the jigs themselves. and its like heaven on a bun. the little store is pretty much a red barn, and thats the place to go. the crappie hit them like no other. also my dad said he caught an 8lb walleye off of them, an 8lb channel cat, and a 4lb wiper and many other small fishies that dont really matter lol. but if you are wanting to go to hillsdale, you might wanna check the fishing report. i dont think that they are spawning yet but i think they will have to start within the next week or so... if that. minnows at hillsdale work great. but i hope that can help you my friend :004: