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    Anyone doing any crappie fishing above truman dam ,a freind of mine wants me to fish a tournement at sterett creek next weekend ,and is paying the whole entry fee he just needs me to find crappie ( i fish for catfish ) but will see what we can do ,thanks for the help
  2. flatter

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    Hey I aint heard a whole lot above the dam other than they are catchin a few about 6' 8' feet along the bluffs where there is cedars on tube jigs. But not a bunch of em. Below the dam they were startin to pick up and catch some in the day channel. Real nice crappie too. But now that this darn front is in I dunno whats gonna happen. Probably push em all back out into deeper water i rekon. Hope this helps. If i get word ill let ya know man. Good luck

  3. Michael Jake

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    Got a report of someone who fished the Grand arm this last weekend in the middle of that cold front. He pulled half way back in a creek arm and started along the channel, found some nice fish all on that same pattern. He also said… From the looks of the egg sacks. I would not miss out on being at Truman from midweek through the next two weeks. It is fixing to happen…. He mentioned the water temp was at low from 50.6, then up to 52.9 in the creeks…folks are eyeing the 56 to 57 degree range for the main lake, including myself… Truman will be a beckoning… Catch some nice ones with your buddy there Robert