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    Tucson, Az
    What is your opinion on how many crappie lights to use. Do you think it makes a difference to use one, two, three? I use one floating light and one green submersible about 5 feet down.
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    We always fish our lites no more than 2 feet down, but thats just us. It seems like 5' is a little deep but I really don't know for sure. Just keep experimenting with your depth until you feel comfortable with the results. I know we have caught crappie at about the 5' depth range when they really come up into the shad to eat on them so it seems to me you would want your light shallower than that. Good luck and keep us updated on how you do. BTW might be down in your neck of the woods to do a little nite fishing next weekend. I'll let you know how we do.......Azcatman