Crappie fishing saturday

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by zappaf19, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Got out in the cold sat. to crappie fish and did ok. We had a bunch of rain fri. night followed by a cold front. I took a friend who I never fished with me and showed me a trick or 2 he uses and they worked. What really got me was he showed me a spot that I had motored over 100s of times. LOL
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    I love to go crappie fishing and am always facinated by new techniques. I recently read a chapter in an older book called: Freshwater Fishing secrets<(book) artical called: Sunfish Continental By Homer Circle and it talks about ultralite european tackle. It's very interesting. Apparently this method induces the crappies to feed even when they're lethargic and hugging bottom! It uses VERY small hooks and maggots..Size 36 hooks and 16 foot graphite rod with 1/2 lb. monofilament line and a small bobber. The angler's name is Mick Thill. Just thought I'd share that with ya!
    Sounds like you had a pretty good time despite the rain! :cool2:

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    Mick Thill, i wonder if he is part of Thill Bobbers, maybe that's why the technique uses bobbers, lol.