crappie fishing around state park

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    Can any body give me some tips on crappie fishing in april around state park. We always go there this time of year to catch blues in swamp with my brother foxhound.We are staying for a week and want to kind of mix it up a little bit. thanks for your help.
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    Wish I could help you, Gary, but I haven't heard any reports of crappie up that way yet. They should be starting to move toward creek mouths and holding just off of flats by now, though.

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    here on lake wylie and other area lakes the crappie bite is great this time of year , with good numbers and great size, on wylie 2lb- 2 3/4lb are a good bet on a good night, find deep water near points , 30' isn't too deep, anchor right on the flat near the points , no need for structure because the fish are all over these area this time of year, drop you some lights in the water and hang on, on wylie you will usually start catching fish within min. and the bite can turn very crazy, i have had as many as 12 rods out of the water at one time and not able to get more than one or two back for hours at a time, dont jump on the first spot you mark , just like any other fish look for the bait in the area , this time of year you have the bait looking for good water temps and you have the fish looking for the bait so the bait is the key, once you find it the lights will concentrate it for you, we use just a small gold or red hook and a split shot about 6" above it drop it to the bottom and start there and scatter your rods from the bottom to within 2' of the top, once you find the depth hang on. i hope this helps
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    I spoke with a friend that has been fishing at night around the stumps out of Jacks Creek and getting 10 to 12 per night, He said they were all big slabs 2lb. and larger.
    And Welcome to BOC.
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    here is a sat picture of that area---straight accoss from the state park (a tad to the east) is jacks creek.

    In front of jacks is a big island and out from that are massive amounts of tree tops. Most are in 8-12 feet of water and there are clumps in 4 feet of water. Thats the key find the clumps of trees in 4 feet of water and fish the closets clumps near them in 8-12 feet. Your not fising the 4 ft spot but the one nearest them. within 20 feet.

    Bring lots of med minows and hooks 6# test light spinning gear and have a ball.

    April is hard to miss the crappie bite but you have to be near em for them to bite!:wink:

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