Crappie Eating Cats!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Cattoo, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Cattoo

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    a buddy of mine went channel cat fishing sunday with a friend of his and they loaded up! they wound up with 37 nice channels ! he said they had several in the 8-10 # class! thats pretty freakin big for these parts. the real thing i wanted to share with you guys is what they found when cleaning some of these fish. now first off, i dont condone killing and eating channel cats of the 8-10# class, i will not clean one over 2#, but they did find out something interesting. my buddy said they cleaned several of the fish and they cut their stomachs open to see what these fish were feeding on. he said most of them had bluegill about 2-3" long in them. none of them had shad, which is what they were all caught on. the really freaky thing is what they found in the 10 pounder. he said it had a \really big something in it and when they cut it open he said it had a crappie in iut that measured 8 " long. but thats not all. he said the crappies head and tail had already been digested so he estimated that it had a 10- 11 " crappie in its belly! now i know flatties will eat fish this large but we are talking about a channel cat. he said he didnt even see how it got it in its mouth! has anybody else ever found stuff this size in channels?
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    i found a quillback sucker about 10 inches long in a 9lb channels belly once, along with 2 baby channels. seems channels can be cannabalistic too! also found a big hunk of fur from some kind of animal in a 10lb channel once. if i clean a fish, any fish, i always see what theyve been eating.

  3. Desperado

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    Wow, I didn't know that. I will start looking at the bellies to see what is in them.
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    I once smoked a nice school of blues on shiners to find that the ones that I cleaned had full bellies of Zebra mussels in them. Vern
  5. jim

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    Crappie are THE prefered bait for some of the Santee guides.In fact I fished with one that had the crappie guides save the carcasses for him after they fileted their catch.I don't think we should be to suprised to see large anythings in the stomachs of catfish.When drifting for blues and channels I often catch catfish that arent much bigger than the bait.Blues love mussells and clams and are so full of them at times that if you shake them they rattle.Interesting that the Zebra mussell which environmentalists claimed would cause the end of the earth if not something worse, have a positive side to them as food for Blues and also have filtered the waters of the great lakes to the point that the smallmouth populations have exploded.Of course they also have their bad points.:)
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    Bad, I use 8-10" crappie on a regular basis drifting for channels. WHOLE crappie. Its not unusual to catch a 2# channel on a crappie that big.
  7. SangamonCatKiller

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    I believe catfish have to be the most overaggresive fish on earth! I also have caught 2-3 # flatheads/channel off of 6 inch shad and bluegill. Its amazing how they still get enough of it in there mouth to allow for a hookset.
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    I think cats will eat any size fish! if can fit in there mouth.
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    I have found about everything in there stomachs. Crappie, white bass, bull heads, if they can catch it and swallow it they will eat it. Crappie and all other game fish are not legal to use as bait in Missouri. You can use bluegill 5 inches or smaller so thats what we use.