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    In the Library Section there were a couple posts on Crappie Condos. I like the idea but I am just having a hard time picturing loading the boat with 4 of these suckers, driving down the road, backing down the boat ramp, and then dropping them in the water.

    Isn't it going to draw quite a bit of attention? Someone help me out here. When, where, how do you do this without drawing attention from EVERYONE. Even at night there are quite a few people around the boat ramp.

  2. Jaylake_21

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    I have actually seen guys with christmas trees in their boats. They tie old window weights to them, and they sink them. From what I have seen, it is very common.
    Hopefully someone will come along soon and give you some more info.

  3. tufffish

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    i have not had any problem with people fishing my crappie houses. i use cedar trees and a few people have seen me with them but i have not had any problem with them fishing when i am out. if they fish while i am not there, it is public water and i guess it is all right.
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    It depends on how there made. Some can be put together on the boat. Most people I know put them out at night. May be people at the ramp but if their not going out they won't know where you put them.

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    If your making them out of PVC--put small (stubs) pvc pipe in a bucket with couplers attached and take along different length pipe. When you get where you want to sink your bucket, glue the other sections onto the short pieces and over they go. Makes transporting them a lot easier and less noticeable.
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    I have been making these. I sink them in the mornings around 6am. People do follow me to see where I sink them. But hey what ya going to do? The blue ball has 2' pvc sticks and the black 3' sections. (Longer the pvc pipe deeper I sink it) I start by drawing a circle near the top then go to the middle and the bottom. Then put the bowling ball on the drill press and start drilling. I also drill a hole top and bottom dead center.
    I use a paddle bit as close to the 1/2" in pvc size as I can. Hack saw to cut the pvc to desired length then lightly run the pvc on my bench grinder stone, glue then insert in the holes I drilled and let set for the glue to harden. Put on deck of bass boat and head for the spot I have picked out.
    I use pvc glue but I might go to a different kind. Pvc seem to hold but there has to be something better out there.
    I never ever put them around a dock where someone can jump on them. That scares the hell out of me.
    The idea came from another forum. I call them sputnics.
    my 2 cents

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