Crappie Condos

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    We just made some of these up and dropped them last month. Ive attached pics.. first time attaching pics here.. hope it works. We like to use the square milk crates, 80lbs of concrete in each one and various lengths of PVC pipe and Bamboo mixed. The Bamboo helps it stay up right under water due to all the air trapped in each bamboo section. When using just PVC we drill holes in the tops of several of the pipes and attach empty anti-freeze jugs to help hold the condos upright. The square milk crates have a larger surface area on the bottom than 5 gallon buckets and also have a lower profile and tip over a lot less than buckets do. When useing Bamboo 80 lbs of concrete is the min. to keep it down good.

    We put them out in groups of 4 to start a new area then if that area really pays off we will add to it the next year. We put them far enough apart so that there is several feet of clearance between the outmost reaches of each one which usually means a square of about 25' X 25'. We just put out 25 of them last month.. kinda late in the year but wreather worked against us this year. When I say weather.. I mean WIND. We would rather out them out on a cold cloudy day in December as lond as the wind isnt blowing .. that way a lot fewe fishermen are out and you can do this in "STEALTH MODE".....
    just like our catfish holes.. the fewer people who know about them the better they are !!!

    Good Luck........ Sam