Crabs already

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    I went to the Wilcox Wharf in Charles City for the last time till October. The bite was real slow, I saw some small white perch, an eel and a crab caught. After the crab was pulled in I must have heard the word "Crab" a hundred times...I have made a vow to stay away from hearing about the "crabs" taking your bait.

    On a high note this one guy pulled in about a good 30lber on a live perch, he needed my net. (I'm always the only one with a net) That to date is the largest catch I've seen at Wilcox Wharf and MAN you know thats going to be GOOD EATIN'.... yeah I'd rather go to Hardees for a thickburger. You should see the looks I get when I say that.:wink: