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    Well it is HOT and HUMID here and the crab grass is really growing! If you hate it as bad as I do theres not much you can do with it now. As you know when you mow crabgrass it pulls the mower engine down because of how tuff it is. Make sure your mowing blades are sharp! Check the oil in your mower more often because the mower is working harder. Next spring put a pre amergent on your yard and you will cut down on this horrid grass. If you are going to spray it with "round up" keep this in mind. The best temp to spray round up is between 70 and 75. Above those tempts your tuff (not crab grass) starts to go dormant. Where crab grass loves hot and humid. If you are water your lawn or garden in these hi temps water between 8 pm and 4 am. The evaportion rate is incredable during the day. Could be close to 80% evaportion. Your wasting water.
    One more hint: Do NOT spray your braod leaf killer (2-4-d, tri mech etc) There is a good chance you will kill your turf. Thats because of the turf is stressed to the max in these hot temps.
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    Thanks for the info. I just built a house and moved in three months ago and I am wrapped up with crab grass. The sod they put down is Crown Zoysia and it looks good, but all the crab grass is driving me batty. I have been digging it up by the roots a little at a time.

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    Putting down pre-emergents now will help with crabgrass later. Simazine, altho a tad late now, will still be useful in preventing cool season weeds such as henbit, poa annua (annual bluegrass), and other fall weeds like thistles, dandilions, oxalis, and the like.

    For the south, Feb is the time to apply the pre-m's for crabgrass prevention for sure but most crabgrass preventers will help with fall broadleaf annual weeds too. For crabgrass, apply a liquid if you can but granular "weed and feeds" will do an acceptable job too. WATER them in completely. again, this is for the south... apply a dose of pre-m around mid feb and another around mid march. you MUST do it twice.

    okay... so you didnt use a pre-m, its summer, and your lawn is full of crabgrass, dallisgrass, dandilions, oxalis, wild violets, and other assorted crap. bill's advice is correct, well, every rule has an exception.

    broadleaf weed controls that contain an ingredient called 2,4-D. (read the active ingreds... 2 something 4 something or other D something, its obvious) WILL burn turfgrasses in hot weather. there is an excellent control herbicide called "tri-power" that does NOT contain 2,4-D and is readily available. (google tri-power herbicide to find distributors) this product works year round from dead of cold winter on henbit to blazing texas 108 degree summer heat and doesnt burn turf.

    grassy weeds, well, a bit harder to fix.

    crabgrass, dallisgrass, johnson grass, etc etc etc are best controlled with a product called MSMA however... NEVER use this stuff on or near St. Augustine turf. if youve got bermuda, fescue, its fine. read the label to see if its for the particular turf you have. there is NO known chemical control for grassy weeds in st. augustine turf. ("manage" can be used on nutsedge on st. aug okay). for st. aug control... mow it fairly low, mow it often, fert the hell out of it, good water, and eventually it will choke out the grassy weeds.

    overspray the grassy weeds in the turf with MSMA three times with each spraying a week apart. DONT assume when it curls and turns yellow that its dead. if you see this and skip the follow up sprays.... it bounces back and grows just fine. if your temperatures are lower than a 90 high or 70 low the effectiveness of the MSMA will be reduced and may temporarily yellow the surrounding turfgrass.

    durning warm weather its okay to tankmix tri-power and MSMA but mix the tri-power with water first and then add the MSMA concentrate to the tank of mixed tri power. if you dont do this that way... the tri power and msma will gel up on you and clog your spray lines and nozzles. this time of year i am tankmixing simazine and tri power in bulk and it does a fantastic job. come Jan and Feb ill use
    Atrazine and Mar and Apr ill use Barricade.

    cool season grassy weeds... good luck. in dead of winter when turf is totally dormant one can use a glyphosate product ("roundup") and even then u may have dead spots come spring. try a product called "manor" on the rye and poa annua that pops up. better than nothing. "manor" is a good broadleaf killer too but expensive to do large areas... turfgrass safe.