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I'm gonna try something new this year, video. I'm going to make a tall monopod that will anchor into my front seat pedistal with a digital video camera mount on it. Aim the cam to the rear of the boat and focus it to wide angle so to view all the action, turn the lcd viewfinder to the rear as well so its easy to see if its on. Most come with an infra red remote so the cam dont run all the time. You dont need someone to take pics or videos, or fumble around trying to take a pic by youself. Just hit record when ya hook one up for a battle, get it aboard, hold it up and model it for the cam, and film CPR in action. Then you can edit out some still photos from the video if ya want, or post a video for all to view.
What do ya think?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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