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    this would be an interesting poll question, however i doubt you would get a much better response than what they say on the site. even though there aren't people looking right at them, the need to feel accepted will overtake their need to be honest. psychology 101, however i can't remember the exact name of this phenomenon.
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    I have noticed the same thing. but just thought I would keep my mouth shut because you will get a lame answer.forgot the camera so I had to drive them home to have to ol'lady take a pic of my catch,but then they were released excuse. If you ask me they were released right into the frying pan,wich I have no problem with. I agree 110% with catma "practice what you preach". I have seen many cpr guys on here holding their flats by the lower jaw. A flathead will curl its tail when pick up in this fashion when it is good health which I have yet to see in some pics .little lone break jaw bones ect... If I pick a flat up in this manner, you better believe Its coming home with me to fill the freezer. So it would not have to suffer with broken jaw or back bone or starve to death.
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    I practice, and preech cpr...You can check out my pics in my profile album.

    All of the fish I catch are released at the spot they are caught, very quickly after a picture.

    I dont know why people feel the need to take fish home for a picture, or drag them around on stringers.

    There are cheap digital cameras out there, or you could even get a disposible camera for around 10 bucks.

    I never put a fish on a stinger, or a rope, or bring it back home to show off, I dont want to take a chance of it dying.

    Plus I want that fish release in the same spot it was caught.

    I know a guy that took all his big fish home for pictures then said he released them elsewhere...then he wondered why there was no more big fish in his hole.
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    Kasey I feel very strongly about CPR and I'll back it up! it works period!! This monday I bet I caught more honest 20lb+ channel cats than most guys can say they've caught in a lifetime!! And I'm not bragging or being a jerk check it out

    Thats just one day!! look at my other threads in the canadian section too if you need more proof . I can honestly realisticly expect to catch fish like this every time I go out because since 91 Manitoba put a 24" 4 fish posession limit meaning you could keep no more than 4 cats under 24" that includes fish in your freezer! Who possibly needs to keep more then that anyway? If your eating fresh fish? I don't care how you freeze fish it just doesn't taste near as good as fresh and smaller fish taste better then big ones too how does this not make sense??? I really don't get people that are against it? CPR does not mean release every fish it means be selective about it. Definatly keep fish to eat but keep a few smaller ones and no more then you can eat fresh because if your any kind of catfisherman or woman you should never have a problem getting fresh fish!:wink::big_smile: Peace :cool2:
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    Definitely believe and practice CPR. I use my liveweel most of the time for storage.
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    If a person says one thing and does another, he may well lie to others but he'll never be able to lie to himself. Stay safe and stick a pig!!!:wink:
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    "Right on Mickey".... by 18" boat is plumbed... and I have never used the live well "big seat" as a live well...... I have thown some cats or fish in there so that they wont bounce or "water ski' on the side of the boat as I "jam" to my next spot.....but its on the idea that these fish are "eaters"

    i tend to keep for friends... as I like camping and BBQ....for "Real Meat"

    I don't think that "natural fish" .... big ones should be kept...

    ...............There are "eaters" out there.... use em...

    Bayrunner Ray
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    There never seems to be enough dry storage on a boat does there?
    Kudos to you.
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    oh god!:roll_eyes:
    I practice cpr religiously half the time I don't even get the "P" in cpr I just C&R even the little ones. I want to put as little stress on the fish as possible though there's going to be some. I let them take water through the gills for at least 5-10 mins or until she jerks outa my hand to swim off. please dont let this turn into the CPR thread under flathead discussion board. that one has gotten pretty ridiculous.
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    I believe in c& r ing the fish we catch,but if we want some to eat i will keep some smaller ones, but put the larger ones back to swim, where caught ,so maybe i can catch them at a later date :wink:
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    i pratice what i preach,i release my fish right away after catching them,unless they were injured to where they wont survive,which doesnt happen very often.now i want to say this also,my grandmother is very old and loves to eat catfish,it seems nobody else will get her any so once in a while i go out and get her some,anything over 8 pounds and under 2 pounds goes back in the water.98% of my cats are released uninjured and immediately after hook is taken out