Coyote turns 'pardoned' turkey into dinner

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    I dont mean to start another debate on the folks over at PETA but this article is just full of irony! The following is just an excerpt.

    Alabama's best-known turkey-growing Republican remains in mourning after his party got clobbered by the Democrats in the mid-term elections two weeks ago.
    On top of that, Clyde got eaten by a coyote. Actually, it was last year's Clyde, the name Bates has given to the best bird in his flock for the past 60 years.
    His current Clyde was "pardoned" by Gov. Bob Riley on Wednesday during Bates' annual trip to the Capitol to officially welcome the holiday season.
    Not long after Clyde '05 got his gubernatorial pardon, Bates arranged to have him put on display at the Alabama Farmers Market near Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery.
    "Then the PETA people complained that he wasn't being treated right, so I brought Clyde back home," Bates said, referring to the activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
    Several months ago, Bates said, a wily coyote found an easy target and Clyde was no road runner. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because there wasn't much room to run inside the pen.
    "Poor Clyde never had a chance," Bates said. "There wasn't much left but feathers and bones."
    A new security system has been put in place since the coyote gobbled the gobbler. Bates has put Clyde and two female companions, including one named Henrietta, behind barbed wire for their own safety.
    In past years, Bates' prized turkeys often suffered a weighty demise. They ate so much and got so fat that they had a hard time even waddling around the farm.
    During his few months at the farmers market, Clyde '05 was the star of the show as he strutted his stuff in front of children from all over Alabama. That was before PETA sent him home where a cruel fate awaited him.

    Source: News Article
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    Just another fat republican....

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    That sounds like a bunch of tuckey:waaaht:
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    Well At Least That Turkey Had The Good Life For
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    Well at least the coyote had a nice fat turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanks to the PETA people. You know the willy coyote is thanking them:roll_eyes: .
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    willy coyote finally caught a bird. He just needed a fat slow bird that couldn't out run him. :roll_eyes:
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    Well you could say that ole Williy had something to gobble about huh?
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    Thats crazy, but even the coyotes have eat, right?
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    Peta should take heed in the message of natural selection. Its natural for humans to select what we want to eat in todays society. In the past we ate what we could. So to me it's all mind over matter, if I don't mind it don't matter., lol