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Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by mcwrestler, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Here is a pic of a coyote that came running after a dying rabit sound made by my crass creek electronic call. She came out of a thicket less than 10 yards away running by the downed fence. She was met by my 870 and a 3in shell with 00 buck. It didn't even move after being shot, it just toppled over and went sideways. I may have pics of the beutiful area I hunt if they develop, including a pic of it laying where she was shot. The worst part was dragging it 100 yards uphill to the car through waist and chest high grass. I bagged it and weighed it to be 41lbs on my Rapala scale. I am going out again soon to find the pack leader. TWRA trapped on last year that they guessed as 65lbs, and the people around there report to see some big ones. There is a dense pack that kills domestic animals and calves and that is why we are working to thin them out.

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    yeah they seem to be thick around here also..but were taking care of them one at a time.

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    We had some trouble with coyote's and coydogs when I lived in Texas, but I haven't seen nor heard one here in NC. Not saying their not here, just that I haven't seen one.
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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    hey benji, there is a huge coyote population here in south-east virginia. since we are so close i bet you the yotes ae there you just havnt seen one yet. i saw my first one only a year ago and theyve been around for 30years according to some older guys i know. but since then i have seen dozens in the area.
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    41 # is a pretty good coyote. Good job!
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    When I lived in Ms we had both coydogs and coyotes The coydogs do more damage than the coyotes here in AR we have alot of coyotes I have seen them steal dog food in my yard when i lived in north Ar
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    41#'s is a big dog, we have a ton of yotes here and a lot of bobcats too, so when your calling you sometimes get a bonus cat, 2 years ago my son and I both killed a bobcat with our bows while deer hunting, about 2 weeks apart, that was cool.