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    Again there I am looking at the pa fish and boatings site and I see that they have been stocking channels in the cowans gap lake for awhile now If I remember right it's been around 10 years now. Anyone fish there or know anything. I fished there last year with the kids for trout and we ran long into the evening and pulled a few bullheads but no channel. And what is the growth rate on channels how big would a 10 year old be. Not sure if there is a rule of thumb on that or not.
  2. On average, channels grow to around 12 lbs in 8 or 9 years. The oldest recorded catfish was 40 years old. If you are sotcking them in your own personal pond, the growth rates may be much greater depending on how much you feed them.:wink:

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    I went camping there last year and I caught 1 small Channel on a night crawler