cover verses structure ?

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    i'm not trying to be smart buy if i asked you this would you know how to snswer? for years i watched all the fishing shows on tv.until i figured out they were all catching the same bass...probly all renting him from the same company...but back to my story...over and over i would hear these "pros" use these two words interchangeable,like they are the same thing...and frinds they are not the same thing and if you use them incorrectly i don't know what you'er talking's simple,structure is any change in the bottom up or down it is mostly dirt but can be solid rock can be from inches to many can be a hole or a hump,any change...cover is simpley something laying on the bottom,logs,any size rocks,weed beds...every thing i've read about fishing says find structure and move along until you find cover...mark this on your gps...wnen bait shows up at this place,get ready to tell some fish stories.if there is no fish here now there will be sometime...find enough spots like this and all of a sudden the folks at the landing will be oooing and ahing about here comes that guy that really gets them...
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    Cover or structure I fish them both then. I usually look for 1 of the 2 and fish arches that is the most important thing.

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    The way I think on the two is the following:

    1 Cover can move with current or be moved by person like brush, docks and fallen trees alond the waters egde.

    2 Structure is more permanent like rocks, legdes, holes and humps.

    BTW welcome to the BOC.