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I just got a call from my Uncle about his Son, my cousin. he has a bad liver and other things. His whole body is shutting down. Don't look like he is going to make it, by what My Uncle said.

He is only 43. Since I lost both my brothers, Mom and Dan, my Uncle and 2 cousins have been like a dad and brother to me. . We are very close. Been through a lot together. He's had a rough time in the past couple of years.

They are waiting on Doctors to set up some kind of treatment. I'm not sure how it is going to turn out. Guess I'm going to Belton Tx. Tomorrow. I sure wish gas was cheaper, but I got to go see him before something happens. I hate to leave my house. couple weeks ago my Aunt needed me and someone broke into my house while we was gone. Really its a cottage.

I know the power of prayer works and how BOC comes together on sending prayer. I'm not asking for me, but if you guys find the time, please say one for my cousin. He is a catfisherman and a good one at that. His name is Craig. Thanks.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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