Couple Questions For Rod Builders

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Spider, Aug 4, 2009.

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    1. Would painting the tip end of a rod with Acrylic Paint and Clearcoat effect the rod at all? I'd like to make the tip of a tiger more visable for night fishing.

    2. Is it possible to cut off and shorten the butt end of a rod & handle without ruining the rod? What would be the best method to do this or is it best left alone.

    3. How would go about removing the foam grip on a rod?
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  3. Cherokee Rod Man

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    Larry; No to your first one on the tip, that will not effect it.
    # 2} Yes you can shorten the handle, a hacksaw or band saw will do the job. I recomend keeping the spare piece { just in case you want to add it back later.}
    # 3} A sharp thin bladed knife peels the foam right off easily, then I use a coarse wood rasp to take it to the blank.
    Good luck on your rod. Leland.:wink:
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    I think Acrilics drys hard, which will crack when bent. I would recommend, The best paint for the job. And that is Krylon Fusion at the auto zone, the type they repair/paint Plastic bumpers with,,,it flex's and gives with ease, used by rod builders around the globe:wink:

    The other ? I agree with all the other answers:cool2: