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Couple New Colt .45's

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If you've read my posts before you'll know that I beleive the finest weapon ever made is the Colt 1911. Well.... after years and years of saying that "If I ever find a Colt 1911 commemorative for under $1K, I'm going to buy it", I finally did find one for that price and it's mine. :smile2:

I also bought a Colt Series 80 Govt model. Now I need lots more .45 ammo and my recent bonus $ is gone. Oh well what the hell, it was $ that was suspose to be spent on things we wanted, so a couple ncie guns and some new rods, it was worth it!

Here are a couple pics of what the gun looks like (this isnt my exact gun, but same model. )Th serial # has been edited.


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SWEET Bryan,Congrat's J.D.:smile2:
There are nicer, more expensive guns out there, but man I just love those Colt 1911's.
Nice looking guns, Im looking for some similar myself.
Bryan, That's a mighty fine looking gun! And a great gun. :big_smile:
Nothing like spending your bonus on a brand new toy.

Too bad ammo costs so much nowadays...
H20... Hit me up on PM, I am looking for something and based on your large collection, you may have the contacts I need to aquire it.

Mellon I like that 1911 but then again I like all 1911's. I want one but have yet to buy one.
Howdy Mellon,
That is one fine "lemon squeezer"! Congrats on the purchase Bro.
Thats a very nice looking pistol i like the colts to but im also a fan of the springfields.I have the springfield v-10. its a little smaller then the regular 1911s and has a ported barrel, the frame is stainless and the slide is blued,i use it for carry purposes. You cant beat the 45 and those 1911s.
You cant go wrong w/ a Springfield. Ohe of the finesest weapons manufacters!!!
Dude, you most certainly have hit the lottery..When are you gonna throw some bucks my way?:wink:
Nice, congrats. They are great guns.:cool2:
congrats on that new toy.
There are nicer, more expensive guns out there, but man I just love those Colt 1911's.
More expensive guns maybe, but nicer? NAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
Glad to see that you were able to find your gun for the right price bro!
I`m a fan of 1911`s and own one myself ,that`s a very nice looking gun congrats.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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