couple boating thoughts on flooded waters

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    Some of us are flooded and if you can get yer boat out and go fishing here is a few things to think about.......
    # 1.LIFE JACKET AND ALL OTHER EQUIPTEMENT CHECKED OVER BECAUSE IF THE WATER IS HIGH CONDITIOSIONS ARE EXTREME! Ya aint gonna have time out there to be messing with tangled up anchor rope...trippin over poles & pullin hooks out of yer shoes..There flowing.......It dont take long!
    # 2.Pay attention to all your surroundings - under tows-current....use your head if you dont feel safe you know-common sence is good...anyone can be a victem of there own lack of self control......:roll_eyes:
    # 3. wich is #1 too is leave the booze on the bank .....that is realy not good right now you dont need that condition too...cooler in the truck when you get back for any of them high hot runs makes it taste better cleaning them kitteys..............and fryin em too ....Your there and able to do that...:eek:oooh:Realy helps to be there!:eek:oooh:
    #4.You know the fishing is gonna be tough does the conditions warrent the need:eek:oooh:& when she is dropping she gets more friskey the claws come out..debree in the water comin at ya live.....gonna be tough out stay on yer toes dont get to relaxed it might be 90 but the water dont care!Doncha ferget it eiter (tap on the noggin):crazy:
    # 5 . Respect the water! It will show no mercey!
    Just a couple thoughts!!!!! Not that I aint thinkin bout it:roll_eyes: