Countdown to Catfish season

Discussion in 'LOCAL MICHIGAN TALK' started by bwanatony, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. bwanatony

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    Grand River Valley, Weste
    I know some of you Michigan guys start earlier, but really good fishing for me starts in about 60 days.
    So, what are you doing to get ready?
    I'm checking over the boat, rods, reels, line, terminal tackle, etc. Making sure I have enough hooks, weights & swivels. Checking the batteries in the lights. Dumping out the tackle boxes, tossing the junk & organizing the good stuff. Looking for new snags from the spring floods. Maybe trying to catch some suckers for cut-bait soon.
    Anybody got any other good ideas?
  2. bream reaper

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    I can hardly wait! Time to order hooks, pour lead, and spool-up. I suppose I'll pass the time crappie fishing. Maybe order a new combo for your newly allowed 3rd rod?

  3. DLB-in-GR

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    Everything you said. I have a bunch of reels to respool with line--panfish reels, catfish reels, bass reels, etc., too many to do all at once. I'll start with the bass reels and a catfish reel to get ready to use for the sucker run, and clean out a tackle box. I have to overhaul my backpack setup that was just dumped in the corner last fall, reorganize so I know where everything is, and replace what needs to be replaced. Tie some new rigs takes up quite a bit of time, I am not proficient with snelling circle hooks so I'll put in a couple of hours doing that. I get bogged down with all the prep work that it seems like getting ready for the season takes me, but as I do it, I get more and more excited about getting out. I hope to get this ball rolling by the time the suckers are in the Flat river near Lowell.
  4. Gr_Cat

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    Im gettin my boat out of storage tomorrow, before the snow starts falling tomorrow evening. Ordered a slew of 7/0 Daiichi Circle Chunk Light Bleeding Bait hooks, picking them up on a trip to Cabelas in Dundee on the 6th and 7th of April. I got a new Ugly Stik Tiger 7' M/H Fast Action rod that is simply awesome for cattin', loaded up with a Abu 6500 Black Cat Edition from Catfish Connection, 50lb braid, and about to get 10 more lbs of no-rolls. I'm going to try some new stuff this year like floating with cut bait during the day right into the heart of the snags with a WildWolf cat bobber. I bought a set of new LED boat trailer lights that should fix the one that needs replacement cuz its twitching on and off at highway speed. Now hopefully no one steals em off my trailer cuz those LED's are expensive. I got a ton of good info from Capn. Lipske at the Ultimate Sport Show, he runs a guide service in the lower Grand up to GRR. He showed me some interesting rigs that I never thought of trying. He really encouraged all catmen to get out in April/May, he says this is the absolute best time of the year to go, at least according to him after 20 years of cattin the Grand. Now I'm just hoping for some nice weather so we dont freeze by midnight out on the water. I really want to get on the Maple this year, and find some unpressured areas that hopefully my jet outboard can take me. Best of luck everyone.