Could I get away with putting 20# on a abu 5000 ambassadur(it can only hold to 17#)

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Rajun_Cajun, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

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    Olathe, Kansas
    well i have been debating with my friend(barbel) and we both think i could get away with putting 20# big game on my abu-garcia 5000 ambassadur series when it can only hold 12-17#... any thoughts or advice?
  2. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    You can put it on if you like, but you will not have the same amount of line if you were using 13-17lb line. Also, make sure that the line will go through the level wind with out causing any problems.


  3. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special New Member

    No problem. 20# should work just fine on it.
  4. catfish joe

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    louisville kentucky
    all depends if ur using spiderwire if you are you should be able to go higher like 30, 40+
  5. greg

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    GA/ Ia
    check out the new super braid line like spider and power pro they are smaller Diamater and stronger than mono.
  6. BullDaddy

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    I use 80lb Spiderwire Stealth on my reels. It has the same diameter as 17lb mono.
  7. JAinSC

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    put first name
    Yeah, you can put 20 pound mono on a 5000 series Ambassadeur, but it will cut the line capacity to somewhere a bit over 100 yards. If you are fishing for stuff that won't or can't run far (small fish, small water) then it's not a big deal. Be sure to respool any time it gets down a bit low, though.

    What are you going to use the reel for? What are you fishing for, and where?

    Also, keep in mind that 15 pound would cast farther.

    A couple of folks mentioned braids. Personally, I think the braids are lot more trouble than they are worth - they tangle easily, don't lay nicely on the spool, etc. If you really want to go that route, I'd recommend Fireline or one of the "fused" braids or a braid with something added to giveit some body - if you look through the catalogs (Cabelas or Bass Pro) you'll see what I mean. They are not quite as skinny, but they handle MUCH easier.
  8. warcraft1975

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    its the dia. you have to worry about i would just use something like powepro you could get 65 pound and have it smaller than 17 pound
  9. SwiftWater

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    Central Virginia
    20 pound test line should be fine. When I was using a 5000 I spooled it with 30 pound big game. I fished from banks and usually cast 30-40 yards out so there was plenty of line left on the spool. Personally I have never hung into a river cat that even came close to spooling me. The catfish would have a better chance of snagging me than spooling me in the river that I fish. I'm talking about 10-30 pound flatheads. If you are going for monster blues and flatheads in larger river, or lake where they may have to option to run a 100 yards plus you may need to invest in a larger reel or take the advice of the others and spool with braided line.
  10. FlatGetter

    FlatGetter New Member

    You can with no problem.
  11. GrainDrain

    GrainDrain New Member

    The problem you are going to get with the Fire line is the same problem you will with braid. I dont like fireline because it is so thin. I used it for bass fishing and it was hard to cast, same with braid. But with cat fishing you are not constantly casting so all you have to worry about it capacity. We had this discussion in the chat one night. Since you are putting it one a 5500 you might want to go with the smaller diameter becuase unlike the 6500 you have a smaller capacity with your reel. I use the 60# stealth to and it has never snapped on me, i know i am overdoing it but the extra diamter is nothing with the braid.