Could have been avoided

Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by jbarnes17, Jul 29, 2007.

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    Such a shame...

    A moment's thoughtlessness created a lifetime of misery for so many people and each person's family...each person involved will have this preventable incident permanently etched in the mind... and each family member will ask "Why".

    So sad...

    The operator of the cigarette boat will be charged and convicted of manslaughter, his passengers possibly implicated as well; His victims buried, maimed, scarred for life.

    All for a moment of indecision... the operator simply didn't look before opening the throttle. A simple split-second decision not to look impacted all of the lives he touched that day.

    Please, take the time to be responsible on the water. The life you save might be MINE!

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    No offense to anyone but that was one idiotic move on his part. I've only been out on a boat about a handful of times and i'm always been hesistent when someone even comes near and I this may be why. Always afraid something like this could happen. My condolences to those who were hurt and injuried regardless if they even know this site exist.