Cotton Seeds And Fishing??

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by young fisher, Nov 26, 2007.

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    If any of you have heard, about the saying ...."If one man brings cotton seeds, fihsing will be of his luck." Im not sure because I read it out of a history at school. I might try it if nobody know about it. If you know anything, just chat away.
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    I never heard that one before, but if it came out of your history book, it's probably wrong.

    I do know some folks use cottonseed cakes when making up their own stinkbait recipes.

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    Never heard of cotton seeds bringing luck, but I've heard of cottonseed cake being used for chum.
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    My friend used to use cotton seed cakes for carp bait on trot lines. Came in a big square, he had to saw it into small squars, next he would drill a small hole in the center. A line from the main line of trout was put through the center hole. It had 2 long shank hooks,one on each side of square but not sticking into it , just hanging along side of it. Real hard stuff he used a power saw to cut it . After awhile it softened some in the water , it stayed on the line several days. I doint know if cats like it ?, or just carp ? Paul
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    I never heard the tale about about luck and Cotton seed.Now a few folks would chew them seeds.Some of the Cotton Gins had presses and would press the seeds under tremendous pressure to get the oil,and it would leave a heavy,hard coarse,slightly oily cake.In the 1950's I used tons of "Cotton Seed Meal Cake"for bait in catfish traps in the Santee.I caught many tons of catfish this way with it.So did every other commercial fisherman.I paid paid $.05.,$.10,$.25 cents a cake.I also paid $1.00 a ton,$1.00 any size truck load and even free if you hauled it off.I seem to remember it going to $1.00 a cake,people quit buying it and we moved to Florida.Much had to do with time of year and storage.Many tons in huge piles often covered acres at times while it rotted.They did not have the uses for it then as they do now.All prices were at Orangeburg South Carolina (I believe out at the "Fair Ground").You loaded it.

    In the 1970's I special ordered some Cotton Seed Meal Cake in Springfield,Georgia to try to bait Catfish & Suckers in rivers and creeks.Also to use in traps in private ponds and Borrow pits.I had thrown my money away.No good.It seemed much dryer than I remembered it.I was told that it was.With heat and pressure,they were getting nearly all of the oil out.I was buying and baiting with fiber.I could have crushed a old dried log and had the same.Seems as if they are now using it in human and animal food!

    I found fish oil from Bass Pro about 2004 in gallon sizes to work.The dripping on the surface was not much use.I would weight a clean plastic container,punch a small hole in the top and bottom,tie on a string to retrieve it and use it to chum.PLEASE! have a larger,sealable container to carry the messy thing back home in.If you don't you will "Be sorrieee"!

    Also fish oil can be mixed with corn meal and thrown in or scattered.This mix and "Fish meal" can be mixed with mud or clay,formed in balls or brick,dried and used as chum.This is easy and works great.Large and small Cans of Sardines and Jack mackerel churned up and used for chum works.You can mix it with mud.I learned about sardines seeing the little cats eating my bait off of my Coon traps when running them before daylight.

    I have chummed with whole canned sweet corn.White & Yellow.Some years some brands seem to work better than others.I also string the corn on #4-#8 hooks and have caught mixed Cats,suckers,bream,Carp and a 3 lb.Bass once.I figure the Bass went after a small fish eating corn,but I will never know.This is also good for Rainbow Trout in the east.My kids have caught assorted saltwater fish and Blue Crab with Corn on the Georgia coast!Liquid corn is a excellent"Mature Sucker" bait over much of the southern part of the nation.Budweiser seems to be a better bait for the "Younger Sucker".You just furnish plenty of bait and pick up the suckers that will be laying around later.300 pounders are not unusual.This is strictly "Trophy Fishing"!

    I hope this old "experience" will be of help.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Dad put it in his home made stink bait. But the best chum was a 5 gallon bucket with maze (SP) or wheat cover it with water out the lid on and sit it in the sun for several days. when it sours take a dipping cup and sling it in your fishing spot. It want take long the rods will start dancing and when you clean the cats they will have a belly full of the grain.

    :big_smile: Thanks Dad for all your days fishing and sharing you love for it, I know your are watch down from above and smiling with each catch....

  7. odtimr

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    Here in Nebraska the cottonwood tree is one of our main trees along the streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, and when the seeds fall off the trees they resemble cotton balls. Especially the carp and sometimes catfish seem to feed very heavily on them. Luck
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    I knew a man in Kansas, when i was a kid. He let his cotton seed ferment and put it in a 1 gal. bucket full of holes and used it for chum. Some folks use cotton seed mill for dough bait, mixed with anis & other oils.