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cotton balls

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i found a new trick,my lil bro was fiddling around when u was fishing and he had took a cotton ball and dipped it in his chocolate pudding and threw it out in the water and there was a huge trout come right up and smacked it,so i tried it on a hook and i cought a 5lb rainbow on a pudding dipped cotton ball
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WTG on the Rainbow Chris! I've never tried that trick, my chocolate pudding never lasts that long. Have to give it a go next time I am out.

Thanks for the Tip, and Welcome to the BOC
not a bad idea i might have to try that, u think that would work for cats to if u let it soak in chicken liver blood? i think im gonna give that a try next time i go
that's definitely an interesting idea that i never would've thought of. cotton would soak up anything and slowly release the scent in the water. sounds like something i might try.

thanks for the idea chris.
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