Corona Lake Fishing Report

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    Went to the lake to day with another BOC member luckie33, and a friend of his Mario. I met them out there around 10:00 am. We loaded the boat and headed out to the east side of the lake where Mario had caught about a 1-2 pound catfish earlier that morning.

    While we were talking I had a good load on one of my rods but was unable to set the hook. Wasn't able to catch anything. We all had some nibbles and a few strikes, but no additional fish.

    We were using mackeral / milkfish / chicken livers / and all kinds of lures and powerbaits. We just weren't able to stay on top of the "hungry" fish. We moved around the lake and tried multpile spots. luckie33 got a few load ups but lost them in the underwater trees.

    It was a great day out on the lake and I really enjoyed the company. We fished mainly for Catfish, but I also put some bait in for Trout throughout the day.

    We did see a couple of guys catching what looked like Catfish here and there. When we docked the boat and came in there was a family that came in with four trout.

    Thanks luckie33 for a great day fishing.