Cornfused - color depth finder?

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by trytofish, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. trytofish

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    what is the advantage in having color on your depth finder?
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    Looks good,most color units have less pixels.
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    First off welcome to the BOC.

    From my limited experience the advantages for SONAR are small, mainly being able to choose a display scheme that is optimum for your lighting conditions such a bright sun, shade, night, etc.

    The main advantage is when it is a dual use unit with a GPS....then you're talking a real advantage to see on a glance blue water vs. a shade of gray.
  5. crazy

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    It's easy on your eyes. You don't have to look close to what is what when you have the sun glaring on your unit. It also makes the bottom more distinctive such as is it hard or a soft bottom. Why watch TV in black & white if you can have color. As for colors have less resolution not really. It's just like any unit thats black & white. The more you spend the more resolution.
  6. jim

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    The biggest advantage is there are more colors in the normal finder pallette than just the shades of gray you get with black and white.This gives much better separation of targets like fish ,bottom etc.The contrast enables your eye to clearly separate disticnt targets as opposed the gray scales.Pixels are a function of cost.Thats what those numbers you see like 320x480 mean.The higher the numbers for a given screen size the better the resolution you will have.Thats why when Lowrance came out with the big screen 104 I didn't get one because the pixel count was the same as the LMX15.Same amount of pixels spread over a bigger screen equals less resolution.The new 110s and 111HDs have many more pixels,to go with the larger screens.:)
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    Couldn't say it any better! I'm still running an X125, but a friend of mine has a X102 (I think) and it's color. Im jealous to say the least, seeing target seperation on bottom is a lot better and it's very easy to see even with sunlight glare. We have marked fish on bottom, anchored in front of them and caught them. Thats not as easy with my greyline scale, at least not for me. I plan on having one someday, all the ones I like are over $500.
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    Tim, Welcome to the best catfishing site on the net!
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    Tim, first off welcome aboard to the BOC.
    When I first read your post I figured you had to be from Iowa (cornfused). Being from there origoinally I get that way alot LOL.
    Don't know a lot about the color finders but from what ive seen they have many advantages but as was stated you pay about 200 buxs extra for the same power unit from what I have seen. If the seperation is that much more though the cost would be definetly justified.
    Very good subject, hope to hear some more about them myself....
  10. metalman

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    This is a point that a lot of guys overlook. Bigger screen does not mean better picture. All things being equal it's the pixel count per square inch that dictates the quality of the picture. Having said that I recently had a long talk with a tech guy at Lowrance on this subject and he said that the high end units although having less pixels per sq. inch had much better definition. Something to do with the type of screen. If in doubt " Y' can't beat pixels and power"...W
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    Look at this picture. Red indicates high intensity White is the lowest. So by using color. You can pick out the strong signals from the weak ones easy.
    As you can see red is the strong fish signals. and easy to see. A brush pile will show a weaker signal and the fish in that brush pile will show the strong signal.
    I do know mine will go to standard mode or color. I will try to run over the same place and that way post what it looks like in Grey mode and color on the same place.
    Also when its showing arches, The center of the arch will be red on the stronger signals. Go guessing red on bigger fish also.