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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Ok. For my corn, I used what seed I could from the midget plants from last year. To recap, I had at my previous address planted corn in the shade, they were thin and short. I also had a problem with earwigs chewing the tassle off so I barely got any seed on short cobbs.

    Now in april, I bought a new house. I have a big garden in full sun & southern exposure. The corn I started from last years harvest is under 4 feet and stocky with thick canes but now the pollen tops are starting to come out and no ears have formed yet. Will these get taller or do I have midgets?
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    If, and I can only assume, you were not using seed from a crop of hybrid corn, than you should get normal size stalks and normal size ears, subject to that specific variety. Deformed stalk & ear size, due to location, weather, pests or whatever, will not change the plants characteristics. At least not in the short term.
    Now, for the big question. Where did you find non hybrid corn? I know it's out there, but not common.

    By the way, should Bearcat, JW or a few other corn specialists on here, voice an opinion differing from my own stated, go with whatever they say and forget mine.

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    Sounds like it may be hybred, if you did not put gernation seed in the mix. It may not produce at all!