Corn for carp - is it bad for them?

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by JMarrs328, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. JMarrs328

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    York/Harrisburg, PA
    I've read most places that corn is bad for fish, because they eat a lot of it, and they can't digest it. Can carp digest corn, or does it hurt them too?
  2. ScottWiseman

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    They digest it just fine and have no problems at all.

  3. Bucktail033

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    Judging by the carp you're holding i'd say corn is just fine for them. Haha nice fish my man.
  4. mcwrestler

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    Carp digest corn just fine. Unlike some fish who swallow things whole (catfish I caught in the river were full of undigested corn from where they ate what people where using for trout) carp have pharyngeal teeth taht grind and break things up in the back of their throat, pulverising and mashing the corn. Personally I catch more on bread floating about a foot off bottom attached to a 2oz sinker.
  5. delawareriver

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    i once read a study done withe trout eating corn. the feed 25 fish a regualar diet and 25 fish corn for like 3months. no fish died, they are were healthy, fit and strong. the only difference that the trout on corn did not grow as fast as the others but that is to be expected if they get the same vitamins everyday compared to the trput pellets that are made to enhance growth.

    so by that i am guessing if its fine for trout then its easy fine for carp.
  6. Sentry Dog Man

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    Something else to consider, when you keep and open up a fish's stomach (to view the contents) is, "That the fish may have just recently ingested the bait (whatever it may be) and the digestive process has not really begun. Therefore, just because you find some type of bait (corn, crawdads or whatever) in a fish's stomach not fully digested, is not necessarily a sign that it is bad for the fish." You have just caught him before the acids in his stomach have had a chance to work on the "material" at hand.

    However, dried type corn (or whatever) that will swell upon exposure to water could and can prove harmful.

    Example: It used to be common practice to throw "dried rice" at weddings. But, it was found that birds came and fed on the rice and after ingesting, it swelled and was killing a lot of birds. Thus, it is not to common a practice anymore.
  7. treddinwater

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    I've never heard of corn being harmful to fish, I would think if it was, it would be illegal to use it in most waters. Most fish that will pick up on corn (carp and channel cats) are very hardy fish anyways and eat all sorts of stuff that's probably harder to digest then corn, carp especially.
  8. back channel

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    I would have to agree with what Rick said. Carp and cats eat a lot more hard to digest food than corn.
  9. suddawg

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    Well I'm from Nebraska, and the Carp here seem to have a steady diet of field corn. It's funny the deer also eat a lot of corn. Don't know why it's pretty popular in Nebraska, so I will investigate further. :p

    In all seriousness though, we use corn religiously for carp, trout, creek chubs, bluegills, and anything else that'll bite it. In fact I knew an ole timer that swore by this garlic corn that he made for catfish. And it worked really good, but he would never give me the recipe.