Cork Fishing

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    Cork Fishing
    I love to use corks in my arsenal for catfishing. The following is some of the ways I rig them for different situations.

    1. Slip Corks - I like using the big cat bobbers and the new fat cat bobbers that Gene sells on this site. They have a lot of buoyance and will set the hook for you if using circles or kahle hooks. I use this method with favorable results when drift fishing in the boat, letting it drift with the wind or current and also for fishing straight down next to trees at a pre-determined depth.
    RIGGING - Most people use the store bought bobber stops but I have learned on this site a rubber band holds a lot better when using 3 oz. weights or larger. If you are using the store bought then slide it on your main line first and remove the plastic center. Pull the tag ends to snug them but do not tighten yet. Now slide on a bead with a small enough diameter hole that the bobber stop will not slip through it. Now slide on your cork followed by your sinker ( I use no rolls ) then another bead. If you use palomar knots then go ahead and cut your section of leader. I like using 8 to 12 inch leaders when slip cork fishing and will go to 5 inch when fishing with live bait. Tie your leader to your swivel first then tie your swivel to your main line then attach your hook of choice. Now slide your bobber stop to the depth you want to fish and tighten it down and trim the tag ends. Bait it up and your ready to fish.

    2. Cigar Floats/Drifting/Snake Weights - We have a lot of good luck dragging baits 30 to 100 ft. behind the boat. Whether we are drifting with the wind or using the trolling motor this method will produce a lot of fish. Sometimes while drifting we will be dragging baits behind the boat on the bottom, pulling slip corks and also rigging poles fishing straight under the boat at the same time. You can cover a lot of area as well as different depths at the same time.
    Rigging - We use what is called a basic Santee drifting rig. I use 2 oz. Snake weights that I make using 1/4 oz egg sinkers a swivel and 15 lb. Line. The line on your weight needs to be light enough that it will break relatively easy if it hangs. To make the weights tie a log length of line to your swivel then slide on 8 1/4 oz. Egg sinkers. On the last sinker wrap the line through and around the last sinker pulling the sinkers tight together. Wrap 5 or 6 times then crimp the last sinker down on the line with a pair of pliers. I will use 3 ft. leaders for this style of fishing and 2 inch cigar floats. 1st slide your drifting weight onto your main line (snake weight or weight that you use) followed by a bead. Now make your 3 ft. leader and tie it to your swivel. Now attach the swivel to your main line. Slide your cigar float onto your leader then tie on the hook of your choice. Peg the cigar float about 5 inches from your hook. As you drag the bait along the only thing that will contact the bottom will be your weight. The cigar float will keep your bait suspended up off the bottom.

    3. Cigar floats/anchor fishing - Even when anchor fishing I like to know that my bait is suspended up off the bottom and not buried in the mud or laying down in the crack of a rock. I started using this method for real soft bottoms, leaves, silty areas etc... but pretty much use this method all the time now in low or no current conditions.
    Rigging - Its similar to the Santee rig just shorter leader and a different type sinker. Slide your sinker of choice ( I use no rolls)onto your main line followed by a bead. Now make your leader 18 to 24 inches and tie on your swivel. Tie your swivel to your main line then slide a 2 inch cigar float onto your leader. Tie on your hook of choice then peg the cigar float about 5 inches from your hook. This will keep your bait suspended up off the bottom.

    4. Cigar Floats/Dropper Loops - Another way we will sometimes rig that also works well for us. I will use this method when using two hooks on the same line and adding the cigar float helps insure your baits are suspended off the bottom. We use this same rig when fishing heavy current situations but don’t bother with adding the cigar float. We don’t do this but some people will add a swivel to the end of this with a short length of lighter test line to attach the sinker to.
    Rigging - If you are using braid you will need to make this out of mono then attach it to your main line with a swivel. It might work with braid but I haven’t tried it. 1st insert a peg into one end of a 2 inch cigar float then slide it onto your main line then slide the second peg onto your main line and insert it into the cork. You want the cork to slide freely on your main line. Now attach a 3 oz or larger bank sinker to the end of the line. Go up 1.5 ft. and tie a dropper loop making sure your cork is above this dropper loop. Go up another 1.5 ft. and tie another dropper loop keeping the cork between the two drops. Now attach the hook of your choice to the drops using a palomar knot. After casting this rig out reel in any slack then give it 1 to 2 ft. of slack line to give the cork some line to lift the baits. A lot of people are afraid to use this method for fear of the cat feeling the resistance of the sinker and dropping the bait. I was one of those skeptics until I tried this and a cat 5 lbs or more could care less and they will hammer it.

    These may not be the best ways of cork fishing but it works for us and just wanted to pass it along for others to try. If anyone has any other methods and tips I’m always looking for better ways. Good Fishing everyone.