Coralville sep 28

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    LeClaire, ia
    me and two buddies came from leclaire to fish the res sunday. greeted by high winds and actually on the chilly side early morning. got a few shad at the spillway... and bluegills, stripers and crappies in the cast net(thrown back of course)... we ended up throwing the cast net about anywhere we were and getting 6 or 7 every throw. enough to fish atleast.

    only had one fish by 9 am ... then the wind died down so we went from drift sockin it to a troll (i think a little faster speed at that too) got 10 more fish from 9 to noon. nothing over 6.7# but nothing smaller than 2.5 all in all was very fun. l love to fish that place, but still not as good as my mississippi.

    (mike if you ever want to fish the miss, let me know. would be glad to take ya. i owe ya for introducing me to a fun style of fishing up there. ) dave