Coralville Lake, Memorial Day Weekend

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    I went out on Saturday and Monday. The good news is that the cloudy, rainy weather on Saturday and Monday mornings seemed to limit the wake-makers. Saturday, my brother-in-law and I boated 10 fish with a 4 lb average and a big of 10 lbs. It was very slow though with 0 fish caught in the last 1.5 hours. I thought the fishing would pick up with some rain, but it stopped altogether.

    Memorial Day, I took my young nephew out. It was slow fishing for us trolling with fresh cut shad. We caught 7 fish after 6 hours of trolling...ouch. The ones we caught were nice ones and, again, we had a 4 lb. average. We saw a family of four using bobbers with leeches and minnows along the rock wall. The had 14 nice channels as we trolled by and we watched them catch their 15. When DNR checked my boat an hour later, they were up to 25. So, the channels are definitely making their nests in the walls.

    I did get a report regarding Sunday from another friend who trolls/drifts. He went alone and caught his limit using fresh shad filet/gut. He also reported that he was catching big ones (5 lbs + average). Goes to show you. I figured the bite would be dismal on Sunday with the front passing and the wind from the north. I went to church and watched the races instead.

    Happy fishing!