Coralville Lake Iowa Sept 23rd

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    I put a thread in tournament talk regarding a tournament being held at Coralville Lake on Sept. 23rd. It's sponsored by the North Liberty American Legion. Launch is at 6AM from Mehafee (I believe) boat ramp.

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    LeClaire, ia
    Thanks for posting that info, Mike. Tough decision... but i do believe that i am fishing a tourny out of camanche iowa that same day! darnit. i was out of commission at a wedding this weekend, but a buddy of mine fished a tourny locally on the river.. i guess the 1st place boat had like 51 # or real close. (40 some fish though) I didnt like having no limit on numbers... I told him he should have left the shad behind knowing that there was a no limit rule. He was gonna troll and was all ready to give that a whirl as we have had moderate success on that around here, however the wind was too much coming straight down river for him to fight it.... (my buddys got 9 out of 28 with 26#...) damn wedding.