Coralville Lake, April 21, 2007

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    4 of us took both of our boats (it's a family boat deal) out on Coralville Saturday. Using fresh shad, both boats trolling. The guys in the other boat caught 14 with a 8, 7 and several 6 lbers. The rest averaged well over 4 lbs. My boat only caught 5 for the day (yeah, I sucked) but I was trying some new spots and different water from what I knew to be productive. Reports from other earlier in the week indicate that the spring bite is on at Coralville Lake. Several of the fish we caught had tight bellies indicating they were feeding on something and I doubt if it was shad given that the shad kill was pretty extensive and most of the shad carcasses have wasted, rotted or been eaten by now.

    One report I received from a reliable source was 2 men, 4 poles boated 20+ in 2 hours trolling with fresh shad.

    One thing I might suggest to potential Coralville drifters...try using crawdads. I've used them to drift with before and they're good bait. The only thing to watch for is that if you get a good bite and no fish, you better check your bait. Your more apt to have an empty hook after a bite with crawdads than with shad.

    Best of luck, see you on the water.