Coralville, Aug 20

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    Went today from 7:30 til 2:00. I only caught 7. I spent most of the best fishing time clear down by the dam scouting for shad and new spots. I wanted to check some spots before the pleasure boats got too thick. I didn't catch a single fish down there though I had several nice bites. Went back upstream to escape the pleasure boat traffic at around 10:00 and caught all the fish after that. I used shad filet/gut to catch most of the fish although I did catch a nice 5 lber using an 8" live shad. All in all, I think they're biting better in the evening as my brothers-in-law went during the day yesterday and only caught 10. Another friend went yesterday evening and caught 16-19 from 6:30 to 9:30 or so.

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    Brother,glad ya had a good time,and hope ya have many more. Good fishin too ya and here's a rep for ya!------------pk powell:smile2: