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    Well, yesterday and today weren't as hot and heavy as usual. A fellow really needs to get up and get going earlier in the day. Yesterday, my brother-in-law and I only caught 6...with me only catching 1! I thought I was going to slit my wrists for pete's sake. Good fishing lately has got me spoiled.

    Today, I went out with d1d1d, aka Dan from Iowa City. I was a little embarrassed that we weren't catching any fish for the first hour or so although Dan was very gracious. I had figured it'd be pretty good during the day with the clouds and wind and all. Places where I've been doing well didn't produce. We trolled the channel, we tried wind drifting, we trolled shallow water. I think we only had 2 fish when I nailed a 9 lber in channel water...or should I say a 9 lber nailed me. After that, we boated probably another 8-10 fish while trolling for, seriously, at least 4 miles. They were all in deeper channel water and they were all nice ones. I'm sure we averaged 5 lbs all told with only 1 fish less than 4 lbs...all caught and released.

    It seems kind of funny to me that a few weeks back, when it was hotter than blue blazes, I could only catch them in 3-6 ft of water. It cools off a little and clouds'd think they'd be feasting in the shallows...and you have to fish the channel to catch them. I think I'll never quite figure out what the heck a fish wants on a given day.

    I've seen enough to know that a fellow needs to get out there early or go in the evenings at least for now. I think a little later, they oughtta bite a little better in the afternoons.

    I saw Clayton with his mother. I believe he told me that they boated 12. He started at 6:30 AM. Clayton, be a good bloke and tell everybody how many fish Ma caught. You're such a good son:big_smile:

    Well, that's enough for now. I have to get rested up for the state fair tomorrow. They're having a catfish show at the cattle barn and I have groom and blowdry my catfish.

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    Mike , we ended up fishing till about noon saturday.. managed 6. nothing too big, but solid fish.. was fun. thanks for the info.. i plan on getting better at the trolling thing here too. Definitely gonna get a drift sock.

    I took some shad home and fished the miss sunday the same style. got 4 real nice ones and they hit like a ton of bricks. trolled through some deep holes with nothing but some snags (pain in the neck) ended up getting all 4 fish and a few missed hits in about 15 feet on water on the channel edge. all caught in the same 20 yard radius.. I tryed anchoring above that spot with no luck. The wind was stronger than the current and that makes for slack lines.... pulling lines, slack aaghh! Glad to know a new style of fishing! Thank you very much Mike.

    You guys on coralville dont know how spoiled you are to be able to catch so many shad so easily... When it was time to go home, I couldnt stop my fishing partner from throwing the cast net "one more time".

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    well mother had a blast, we trolled all morning, i ran the trolling motor and she reeled in all the fish. it was her first time trolling for catfish says she cant wait to do it again . the biggist went 7 plus and we had 12 from 6:30 to 10:30, caught all of them in 6 to 7 foot of water. thanks mike for the floats i will use them next week on the miss i have tournament saturday night.

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    sounds like a great time was had by all
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    Sounds like you did fairly good Congrats.