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    Recently, my father purchased a 2007 G3 Eagle Series 180 boat with 70# Minn Kota trolling motor and 90hp Yamaha. Be bought it from a dealership called Cope Marine in O'fallon Illinois.

    Ran into a laundry load of problems with this dealership. Now, I don't want to complain, but I do think my Bros and Sis's should consider where you purchase your next watercraft from... whether it is for fishing, hunting, jet skiing, pleasure riding, etc.

    First off, when we bought the boat, it was reasonably priced. It was comparable with other dealerships and the like. We bought the boat from a salesman named Mike, who was a pretty decent fellow in my opinion. So far so good. Well after we bought the boat and picking up, we receive the little walk through. Awesome.. they show you the tips and tricks through the Captain's Walk through. When we got to the batteries, it was missing a component. I do not know the name, as I am really poor with boat parts, but it was an added charger that you need to hook electric supply to and it dual charges the batteries. This saves from charging one battery then having to switch to charge the other battery to charge.

    Well that piece was 'missing' and then claimed that we were not charged for it even though it was to our understadning it was coming with it. So... they worked us out a deal and they covered half the expense for it at their little store... they gave us an 80 dollar gift card. Good... they helped us out and seemed to care. Awesome of them to do that. So far so good.

    Well, it finally came to the 20 hour service. No big deal, or it shouldn't have been. We had couple things wrong with the boat that needed fixed that was covered under the warranty. 1) The trolling motor tension cable that connects from the pedal to the motor snapped. 2) Automatic Choke on main engine was malfunctioning. 3) Adjustment knob for controlling depth of trolling motor was stripped. Should have been easy to correct problems and no big deal.

    We dropped the boat off after the Rend trip gathering. 2 weeks have passed and they just decided to 'look' at the boat even with constant calling. They called us on Friday and said "The cable snapped on the trolling motor, we need to call and order you a new one. That will take 7-14 days. You will need to reschedule an appointment to get it fixed."

    Okay... that made me a little grouchy. The boat was marked as a priority boat for over a week as well to get the issues worked out. We simply told them that it was not acceptable to keep a boat for a month when we have only had it in the water 20 hours! (2 weekends). So they complied to this and decided to drive the 30 miles to pick up the part and start to install it. Good... but why do we have to get nasty to get work done in the first place? Something that should have been routine and easy in the first place!

    Well... Saturday (today) they called and said the boat is ready. This was of course after we threatened to notify the better business bearu <sp> and contact the bank to look at options in regards to the $20,000 piece of crap we bought. So anyways.. we get there and picking up the boat.

    I decided to check on the things fixed. Went through to the trolling motor and checked the knob... broken and not even touched. We complained and they guy said "I fixed it. I checked it four times this morning and it worked fine." I told himt o go out there and check it for himself. Sure enough, it was stripped. His comment, "That epoxy never breaks! Well, we will have to order you a new knob."

    Well, the other service guy said "Just go to the back and take a knob off another spare motor and put it on." That guy was annoyed with us obviously and our 'complaining'. So he finally went and did that. No problem now.

    Next I read the receipt and asked the same service guy. "Did you put the seafoam in there?" His reply "No, why?" "Umm.. because you charged me for a can of seafoam that is supposed to be in the boat and you just told me you didn't even put it in. So why am I being charged for this now?"

    Yes... the service of Cope Marine is poor at best in my experience so far. The salesman, Mike, was a good guy and helpful. Of course, he works on commission and we bought a boat off of him... of course he is friendly. The service department claims to be restaffing as of this week. I hope that means better service in the future... as of right now... it is terrible at best.

    Just wanted to share my experience so far with this dealer. You may... want to keep this in mind if y ou are in the market and thinking of buying a new boat or watercraft.
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    Any dealer will offer good sales. But service after the fact is different. Sounds like this dealer service men what to lie to you. You might want to check with the bank on your options and how long those options are open.:sad2:

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    thanks for all the info on this place. I just talked to a friend of mine today and he is dealing with the same situation, but with a diffrent outfit. He told me it is warrenty work, and that is not a priorty to the dealership because it does not make them anything. Just cost them money paying the service man to do all the warrenty work. Hope all comes out ok for you and the new boat. :big_smile:
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    Sorry to hear about your continued problems. That is ridiculous. I would definitely check with your lender to see if you can get your money back. If you are having these kinds of problems already, it will probably just keep getting worse.