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Copan Lake in Oklahoma

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Washington County, 2 miles W of Copan, OK
4,850 acres
Shoreline: 30 miles


Post Oak Park
Campsites; Restrooms
Osage Plains
Boat ramp; Campsites; Restrooms
Copan Point
Boat ramp; Picnic area; Restrooms; Swim beach;
Change house
Washington Cove
Boat ramp; Campsites; Restrooms
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Did anyone get caught on Copan Lake Saturday night? I was on my way to Washington Cove and literally got blown off HWY 75 north of Dewey. I had the windows down and the radio announcer said there were 70+ mph winds. Filled my cab with sand! Hope no one was caught on the water.
We were camping in Wahington cove when it hit, ranger came by and gave us early warning. Got the tent down and the boat off the lake before it hit, got to give the park a bunch of credit for warning us. We got the tent back up around 10:15 and had a quite night.
Thanks for bringing the rain with ya Charlie. It was getting pretty dry around hear. Sorry your trip was hampered by the weather. At least you brought some dinner's home with you.
Chris, actually I cooked some of that fish for was very, very good. While I thought the jugging was a blast, the trotliner in me sure saw a ton of spots back there in the forest. Hell, I guess I can do them both down there.
There's a few choices for trotlines. Now if I was only brave enough to drive into the forest. :D
I was on my way to Copan Saturday night and was gonna look you up in the campground. In the future, If you see a Tracker Deep V with Brotherhood of Catfishermen on the console that'll be me. I look forward to meeting you sometime.
Our Park Personnel are very dedicated, and they have always let us know when a storm is on the horizon. I'm glad you were able to get things squared away before that wind blew in.
And congrats on a fish dinner.
Galen Brown
Wish we could have meet down there, but don't worry, it won't be my last trip down that way. Those eater blue are darn tastie, got to come back for seconds,hehe.
Hey Galen,

How did you end up doing last night on Copan? I think I saw a sixty pounder out there last time with your name on it. You need to go claim your property. :D . I notice that some parts of southern kansas above copan and hulah got up to 12 inches of rain today. I'll be interested it watching how much of it makes it into our lake.
That sounds good. Those little Blues are good eatin'.
The fish were shallow until about midnight, then they were deep and became finicky. The storm front was off to the north and I began to see lightning around midnight, then the north winds blew in, so it caused them to lose interest in feeding.
I don't know if the rains caused the lake to rise. When I looked on the website for the lake condition it didn't show any change for three days...must have been down for this period of time.
I guess the rain up in Kansas wasn't close to any of the creeks or caney river. I had just notice that on the news they were showing flood warnings for the counties in Kansas that are above Copan and Hulah and that some parts of Southern Kansas had recieved anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of rain. I looked on the Corps Website also and notice no increase in flow. :sad: Whether it be a lake or river the current always seems to turn the fish on.
I called a friend in Sedan, Kansas and he told me they didn't get much rain. I had heard some stories, but the rains weren't in the Sedan area. Yes, inflow gets the cats bellies to growlin'. When it gets cooler and the fall rains come it'll get good at Copan.
Hello guys. I hope to run into all of you at Copan Lake. I fish up there a lot when I am feeling good enough to go. Where do you go? I am still trying to find the big one. I know they are in there. Now all I have to do is locate em so I can hang into one. Hope to see ya up there.
Hello, Stormspotter: I fish the Lake in a boat through-out the Osage Plains area, Washington Cove, the Dam area towards the swimming cove, mid-lake in inundated lakes & ponds and the flats next to the river channel. The forest area can be good at times, also.
Good to have you here Henry. I believe you made a couple posts on the old site about Hulah Lake. Anyway most all of the lake is good catfishing if your in a boat. If your stuck on shore over at copan point where the day use picnic tables are I've done OK at. They do lock the gate's I believe at 10:00 but I've stayed there much later before. There's a older gentleman that comes to lock the gates up but has been nice enough to let me stay. He will just close the gates up and put the chain around to make it look like it's locked up. Then when you leave just lock up. Also try there at Washington Cove and walk down on the Rip Rap and do you'll do OK. I leave jugs back in there from time to time and caught lots of eaters. You might also try driving up highway 75 to the cotton creek bridge. People always park their cars in the medium and walk down the path to the creek and can do very well.
Well I was out on Copan Friday night and good part of Saturday. Great weather, shad were easy to catch, but a pretty poor night and day on Copan. I threw out 58 jugs with my son and friend. We ended up with only 18 fish which is not bad but with that many jugs out and fishing with rod and reel most of the time the ratio was pretty poor. Lots of dinks were caught half were under a pound and eight maybe were at the three pound range. The water is cooling down nicely, 74 degree water temp today. I think I'll blame that full moon for crappy results. :rolleyes:
Chris, We were at Skiatook all weekend and had the same kind of luck Friday after dark, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

Friday before dark, my brother in law caught 10 lbs of fillets of sand bass. From then on we didn't catch anything but blue gill. The kids DID have a ball catching blue gill on bacon though.

Did you catch any hybrids or just all sandies. Skiatook is known for being one of the state's best hybrid lake. Those guys sure do fight hard....lots of fun. Hey also wondering if you made it down to Newt the other weekend. I haven't been in a while but I'll be down there for three days at the first of month doing some bowhunting and jugging.
1 small mouth, 2 hybrids, and the rest were sandies.
All Friday afternoon by my brother in law.

No, we didn't make it to Newt last weekend. When/if I get my new boat up and running, my wife and I are gonna try and hit it. Hopefully it wont take too much more to get it going.
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