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    last year was the first year i had fished the prespawn in the coosa river. by the first week in april water temps were reading low 70s. the flathead fishing went from great to nothing by the 2nd week in april. i was wondering if anybody knows why? i know the mid to low 70s makes cats spawn but so does the time of the year. everything i have read says the spawn takes place in may if your in the upper third of georgia. maybe i just didnt stay on the fish. may be the fish moved farther up river? maybe they moved into tributaries.all help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thank you
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    Can't help. Theres quit a few around that fish the coosa and they should answer sooner or later. Never fished the coosa personally. :confused2:

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    I fished the Coosa pretty heavily last year and noticed the only 2 times flatheads were ON was pre-spawn and pre-winter feeding. Pre-spawn is a gimme but the last 2 or 3 weeks before the water temp dropped was on FIRE. I guess they were all feeding as they headed for lake Weiss to bed down for winter. Try catching some of those monster shad up in the creeks and drop them around 10 feet on a float over the deeper parts of the river. It worked for me. Big blues and striper were hangin out in that part of the thermocline. Good luck to ya...
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    yeah thats the best idea is to use some shad.
    and the person who said that they were on fire BEFORE the temperatures dropped, wouldnt that be a good thing because some cats usually hang around in cold water....not to familiar with flatheads but my dad caught a blue catfish in the ocean! whatever, anyways id say wait for the water temperatures to drop to extremely low 70's or upper 60's.
    and dont forget about the Sturgeon project at Coosa too!