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Coosa river dog days

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Dog days of summer are here. Our neighbors to the north in Tennessee are tearing up the blues. Is anyone doing any good on the Coosa. I see people talking about going to the Coosa but no replies as to how well they did. Come on guys lets here about it. :D

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I will be on the Coosa this morning (full moon and all, you know). Caught a 14 lb. blue 2 weeks ago about 2:00 AM. Last week it was so foggy at around midnight when I launched that I never made it out of Brushy Branch. I got about half way out (channel marker 13) and got completely fogged in. I managed to locate the channel drop off (about 12/13 feet) and just anchored. Caught a 10 lb. flathead. Both were released. I'm still looking for that big one. Wal-Mart shrimp have been hot for me lately.
I'm from Woodstock, just north of Atlanta. As for the Coosa in Georgia, the Brushy Branch launch is the last boat ramp in Georgia. You don't have to go too far down stream to be in Alabama.
Last night on the river was one of those perfect nights that really stick with you a long time. The full moon was so bright that I turned off my lanterns and was able to fish by its light. I could see my line on some of the rods.If you sat real still you could feel just the faintest puff of a breaze.
Down side - well, for a couple of hours you got a good heady whiff of the paper mill a few miles upstream. Oh yeah, and there was a Mayfly hatch going on when I launched. Got real intimate with a couple o' hundred thousand of them but they aren't as pesky as, say, mosquitos. They just sort of land and cover stuff up.
As for the fish, well it was one of those "7 hours of boredom, 4 minutes of panic" type nights. I don't mean that "boredom" stuff in a real negative sort of way. Last night was a great example of why I hunt and fish. Anyway, I moved 3 times looking for them. About 1:30 AM, with no warning tap, one of the rods drag just started tearing off. It was a 15 lb. Blue. I think maybe they had gorged themselves on the mayflies and just weren't interested in my shrimp. Any way, he was CPR'd.
Tonight shouldn't be too much different. Just get out there after the thunderstorms and it should be another beautiful night on the Coos. I can only take one "all nighter" a weekend so I will wait until next weekend.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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