Cooper River?

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    Hey guys,
    I am going to be down this weeekend and was thinking seriously about driving down to fish the Cooper River from Harry's one day/night if the fish weren't doing much in the lake. Is this a good alternative, and also where are some potential spots to try in this river? I've only tried from the tailrace down to the first boat landing, which isn't much. Any help would be appreciated!!
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    Try the Bushy Park Landing . Put in , go out to the river then go left. The river snakes back at forth. Pay attention to the current going in or out . Anchor on the down current side of any of the points. Cast to the point. May have to use extra weight to hold in the current. I caught several nice blues and a few flatheads this way.

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    Fish the rice field breaks on the falling tide. As the rice fields empty with the tide the bait fish are carried into the river and the Blues lie in wait. About 1-2 hrs before dead low tide will be your best bet. I'm not familiar with the upper Cooper or if there are rice fields in the area you plan to fish but I used to live minutes from Quimby creek on the east branch of the Cooper (the west branch goes to the dam) and caught many nice ones fishing the breaks

    Hope this helps but you can't go wrong fishing a system that produced a 109 lb Blue....good luck