Cooper river 6/20

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    Fished about 6 hours out of Bushy Park(Saltwater side) last night. The water was the highest I have ever seen, 6.5ft at high tide, I had trouble determining where the creek channel was around Daniel island the marsh was so flooded. Still, fresh mullet were easy to come by at the bridge. Ran back up around the powerlines at SCE&G and drfted for about 2 hours and ended up with one 10lber in 35 ft, then went back to a favorite creek spot and caught three more eaters (6ft). All were Blue, all on cut mullet. The small ones out of the creek were stuffed full of fiddler crabs. Temp was 82-83.
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    One of the things that amazes me about blue cats is how flexible they are. They will eat just about anything. Depending on where they live. they follow shad schools around, they eat brim and perch, they suck clams up out of the sand, and they go up into the grass at high tide and catch fiddlers just like a red drum!

    If there's a food source in a body of water, the blues will find it and eat it up!