Cooler water

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by fat_fish55, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. fat_fish55

    fat_fish55 New Member

    wondering where you guys might look first with the water cooling down pretty quick?
    same old log jams?
  2. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Start going to deeper holes with cover, and by running water (creek inlets if you got them.) You sometimes can try to follow the bait fish in the shallows. Water temps are close to 60F up here in MN The Flats are about finished.
    But the Big Channels are loading up for the winter.

  3. slipbobber

    slipbobber New Member

    running current from creeks or mainly any outlets usually have some kinda of deeper water there. thats where i target when it cools..Mainly find the bait you find the fish bulking up..
  4. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    When the water cools, flatheads will start to migrate toward their wintering holes, but they aren't done feeding heavy until the water gets below about 55-60. Find a big piece of structure in the main river channels and use live baits, I prefer perch and herring. One of my favorite spots is in 58 ft. of water, big rock that comes up to 40 ft. A bud of mine got 37 in one night out there. Another is an old bridge underwater in about 45 ft. You'll see the arches stacked on it. mark it and use slip floats and down rods with live bait. get ready, they'll nail it and bringing up a 40 lb. flat from 50 ft. down is a blast! Right now is about perfect time. Shortening days and falling water temps will spur them to the deep water. Until then, fish the shallows at night with live baits. good luck!