Cooler or Stringer?

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    Hello everyone,
    Last summer I met an old man who had been catfishing for more years than I'd been alive. The gentleman had a boat and caught his limit daily, but what surprised me, was that he never used his livewell or a stringer, he always opted to put the fish inside of an old cooler. From what I could tell the fish seemed to stay alive for quite some time that way. But I was just wandering if one was better than the other for any reason?

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    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Catfish can mess up a livewell pump as they can and will put some thing in you livewell that you may not even know what they are. With a cool if you change water on them offen they can live along time in there. Even fresh water before you head home. I have had them live in a cool on the road for 3 hours before. And when the cooler becomes to messed up they make a great bait box for worms as well. I do not even have stringers in my boat anymore Coolers work much much better and you can always find them at yard sale for a buck or two.

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    Bro., I use a stringer while fishing and put them in a cooler when I'm ready to move with the big motor, during the hotter months. The old timers would take burlap bags with them and would place the fish in the bottom of the boat and cover them with the water soaked burlap bags, every now and then they would sprinkle more water on the sack. During the winter season I take an old beach towel (soaked in lake water) and cover them with it when I'm ready to transport them. This technique does not work well during the summer.
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    I also use a cooler for a livewell use a small bilge pump to transfer fresh water in and out every hour or so, you can also drop ice in to help on real hot days.
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    I fish out of kayaks and canoes, so coolers take up too much room. In the summer, in Texas, the heat is such that some catfish will die on the stringer. What some of us do is use a saltwater "donut" to keep them alive. The donut is a floating net bag that was designed for use in saltwater bays by wade fishermen. It has a Styrofoam ring and a draw string. However, I found that even if I cut the fins off the catfish, the stubs get stuck in the net, making it a pain. So, I redesigned the donut principle. I threaded a replacement net onto 1/2" pvc along with sections of pool noodle, and bent the pvc into a circle, joined the circle with a coupler, and had a donut that catfish fins won't stick in.

    Cajun Kayak, who also posts on this board, improved on the idea, he cut out a circular piece of plywood, then cut out a hole, hinged the hole...don't know how, I'd guess plastic ties, and had a more secure donut. If he's fishing an area with his jugs, He'll leave the donut tied to a spot and bring his fish back to it.
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    Usually I will use a stringer. When I'm done fishing, I will usually just throw the fish on the floor of my boat because usually, I will clean them within minutes of pulling out my boat. If i'm in a tournament or something, I will use a cooler, because odds are unless you have a big boat, your livewell ain't gonna hold a mess of big cats!