Cooleemee for kids and catfish

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    Took my 5 year old daughter on her first cat trip last night. My bud called and said he was going to Cooleemee and I couldn't wait to say lets go. It's a slow moving river with a great landing and very little fishing preasure. This water only holds small bullheads the biggest we have ever caught there wouldn't weigh more than 2 lbs; but when the bite is on you can't tend 2 rods with all the bites your getting. It is wonderful for kids if you jerk and miss a fish just set the rod back down he will bite again in a minute or two.
    The best baits are naturals such as helgramites, branch grubbs, crayfish and worms. You want to use very light tackle and small hooks. If you want to take a kid for lots of actoin and minimal fuss I highly recommend it. And if your like me fishing for little cats with the little kids is great fun.