Cool way to make mp3 ringtones free

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Night Owl, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I Was thinking of a way where i could stop paying to download mp3 realtone ringers for my cell and i found a cool free audio splicer that allows you to cut out any portion of a song from your music files or from a cd and use it as a ringtone. It's called audacity and like i said it's free. So If your cell supports mp3 ringtones give it a try. you may need a data cable for your specific phone type but on amazon you can get the cord for around 8-10 dollars and then use any song in the world for free assuming you have it on your computer. I know some people already have a method for doing this but if ya dont, this program rules. Give it a try because if you've ever downloaded a ringtone you know the quality and clarity varies every time you get one, but this way is perfect and crystal clear every time....
    Just a little heads up for those who are fed up with paying 1-2 dollars for a 30 second audio clip, Have a nice day all. Geoff (Night Owl) Cloutier
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    You can also go to this website sign up (free) and have them sent to your phone for the cost of a text message. I dont have the texting plan so they cost me .15